Marcus L.

Marcus L. was born in Catania.

As soon realizes that you have the opposable thumb starts to draw, he makes his at the age of 6.

Co-founded (with Simone Danieli) the independent comic label “Blatta Production”. He publishes his things on “Naked Women Inside”, “Argo”, “Pillole”, Underground Press ” and some some other publications of which he lost memory, lucky. He almost lost an eye in 2005.

He’ve been living in Italy, Spain and England, meanwhile he even managed to graduate in the history of contemporary art.

In recent years his main occupation has been traveling and working at a fish market in Norway, where he now lives.

Always in Norway he has revived “Blatta Production” with the publication of “Crisis Comix”, a long
serial story vaguely autobiographical whose firsts episodes were presented for the first time at Bergen Raptus Festival 2014, getting a couple of good reviews.


Antoine Caramalli

Antoine Caramalli is a French artist who lives in Brussels.

His specialty is … be unspecialized. He dedicates his life to the exploration of creativity in all its variety. Performs, sculpts and designs, conceives installations, invades the public space, organizing collective events, makes films and field recordings, writes poetry and experimental pornographic, occasionally she teaches art and organizes workshops in schools and cultural centers, built huts and planters … and draws comics. Of all its activities, the most difficult and rewarding it is to be the father of a wonderful kid. As tradition has it, he is very poorly paid the few time he manage to be paid – for his work as an artist, and as a result is very poor. Anyway he is very often a very happy man. His comics creations have been published between 2003 and 2010 in various fanzines like 典urkey Comix 敵eorge蚤nd “Naked Women Inside”, one of the first publications of “Blatta Production”.

Between 2011 and 2014 stopped making comics, he has finally started in 2015 with “Spectacular Comix”, which is his first solo release.